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Meet Your Mane Squeeze - The Giorgio Gentle Hair Brush

Finding the perfect hair brush may seem relatively easy- after all, they are all created the same, right? Wrong! Walk into any beauty supply store and you will quickly become overwhelmed by hundreds of hair brushes made of different materials, bristles, shapes, and sizes. Although you may overlook these important factors and simply go with the brush that sports your favorite color or style, you may want to reconsider. Every perfect hair day starts with the perfect hair brush.

What makes a hair brush "the one"?

A daily use hair brush must be comfortable, durable, and healthy for your hair and scalp. Not just any brush lives up to those standards, in fact, the majority in the market don't. Hair brushes made of bad quality pins and bristles will pull, snag, and break your hair, leaving you with breakage, split ends, and overall dull hair. A good daily hair brush will be gentle enough to glide through your hair while stimulating the scalp and will encourage healthy brushing for all hair types. So, it's time to meet your new mane squeeze- The Giorgio Gentle Hair Brush; the hair brush that meets all these standards, and surpasses them. The Giorgio Hair Brush was meticulously crafted to meet the daily needs of every hair type.

State of the Art Bristles

Made of 100% Nylon, the Giorgio Gentle Hair Brush bristles' feature rounded, dual length, ball tip pins for a smooth detangling experience. Aside from these unique features, the bristles are also ionic charged and anti-bacterial meaning less frizz and cleaner hair. Most importantly, the Giorgio Hair Brush was made for both wet and dry hair, perfect for that post-shower detangle session! This bristle technology is one-of-a-kind and provides for a gentle touch to the hair while stimulating the scalp, which is essential for healthy hair (read more about that here!). 

Superb Quality

Styling an ergonomic design, Giorgio Hair Brushes were sculpted with efficiency and comfort in mind- the chic look is just an added bonus! The comfortable grip makes for a better brushing experience ensuring an effortless glide. Bayside Brush Co. places the environment above all so all the brush itself is made from cellulose acetate, a resilient, durable, and environmentally friendly material derived from cotton. How much better can a hair brush get?!

Diverse Look

Good news, it just got better! The Giorgio Gentle Hair Brush collection is available in different colors and sizes. The essential dresser sized hair brush is 7.75" inches and the cute travel sized hair brush is 6.25" inches- perfect for a touch up on the go. The Giorgio Hair Brush collection is also available in 4 different colors- Black, Ivory, Blue, and Pink. Bayside Brush Co. also takes it to the next level with the Giorgio Neon Collection, which includes even more fun colors for every style (my personal favorite is the purple one!). 

Don't settle for the second best; If you want to shop for the perfect everyday hairbrush to perfect your day-to-day hairstyle, check out the Giorgio Hair Brush Collection at Bayside Brush Co., your luxury beauty outlet for hair brushes, combs, hair accessories, manicure/pedicure tools, shaving, and more. Your hair will thank you! 



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